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CM Student Production Manager: Tyson Rohrscheib

I think I have a better chance at achieving my goals because of my participation in Cardinal Manufacturing.


 My Role Is...

To do multiple tasks in many different areas of the shop. 

First, I get the blueprint for a job and have to determine if we need to order materials or tooling. Next, I create a project timetable based on a deadline. I complete an estimate for the project completion, and also set a quote for the job. 

I contact the customer with our quote and timetable. Once the client accepts our bid, I order metal and tooling necessary, and assign the job to our best-qualified student employee. During the time the job is on the shop floor, I oversee its progress, making sure we stay on schedule. I assist with any complications that may arise.


 My Prerequisites... 

  • Metals 1

    • Running the manual lathe, running the manual milling machine
  • Metals 2
    • Learning how to operate our CNC Milling Machine
  • Job Shadow
    • Shadowing a former student on how to operate our CNC Milling Machine  
  • Train
    • Training an underclassman on how to operate our CNC Milling Machine 


My Path Through Cardinal...

I started CM the summer before my junior year of high school. At first I did less complicated jobs on the Manual Mill to perfect my skills and gain my confidence. After that, I started training to run the CNC Mill. By the middle of junior year, I took over the head CNC Mill position and started training another student to operate the Manual Mill.

Now a senior, I have moved into the new postion of Production Manager. I am the first Production Manager for CM, so it's been a bit of a learning experience to figure out my duties. It's still early in the year, but I'm working hard to make the shop flow as best as it can.


My Future Plans...

The next four to five years of my career path include school. I've been accepted to attend Chippewa Valley Technical College, beginning Fall 2015, where I will pursue a two-year degree in Machine Tool.

Following completion of this degree, I will continue my education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, pursuing a Business degree or a Manufacturing Engineering degree. With this education, I will enter the Manufacturing world with the ultimate goal of one day owning my own shop.



CM Student Marketing Manager: Alexis McDonald

Whenever someone asks me what I do, I always start off by saying, "The fun stuff!"



  My Role Is...

To do all the "fun stuff!"  

A big part of my job is preparing for the Open House in the Fall (November 19th, this year) but I have many other duties, as well. I design the t-shirts and sweatshirts that we get every year, and I update our brochure with new pictures on a yearly basis.

I also help my classmates with their portfolios. I take pictures of their finished projects and place them into their portfolios for them. This year we actually got business cards for all the students in CM, and I was able to design them!


My Prerequisites...


Currently, I am also running our website. This includes adding new articles about us, adding and updating pictures, and completing anything else that needs done. It is very helpful to have some knowledge on how to maintain a website.


 My Path to Cardinal...

When I started this position, it was a bit nerve-racking because I was the first one to ever be our Marketing Manager. We didn't know exactly what I should do. Some days I was overwhelmed with projects, and others I didn't have anything to do at all. Finding that "happy medium" was a challenge.

This is my second year as Marketing Manager, so everything is more figured out as far as what jobs are mine, and what it is that I need to accomplish.


My Future Plans...

After I graduate this spring, my goal is to become a Psychiatrist. This experience has taught me how I will need to promote myself if I ever decide to start my own practice.

Through Cardinal Manufacturing, I've also learned all of the important soft skills. Now I know to always be on time every day, and not to use my cellphone when at work.



New VariTap: High-Performance Multipurpose Tapping

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