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WIDIA Supports University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Formula SAE

At WIDIA, we believe "Extreme Challenges" produce "Extreme Results."


You could say it's for this reason we naturally gravitate towards extracurricular activities and sports that involve EXTREME measures -- like motorsport racing, with a homemade racecar.


Speaking of motorsport racing, the WIDIA Team would like to congratulate our good friends at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor as they prepare to unveil their 2015 Racecar for the upcoming Formula SAE season. As a sponsor for their team, we were fortunate to have played a role in their hard work and success by providing WIDIA tooling to be used towards their vehicle. 


Thank you for your partnership and good luck this season, boys!




Formula SAE is a collegiate motorsport racing series in which students use technical innovation and advanced engineering analysis to build Formula 1 style racecars. Teams design and build a completely new car each year, taking knowledge from previous years and unprecedented innovations out to the track. Fifteen compositions around the world test each team's designs from every aspect with dynamic, design theory, cost, and business events. Every year each of the 500+ teams is given a world ranking based on the team's performance over the past 6 most recent competitions entered. Each team uses its own strategy to gain the most points with the goal of being ranked number one in the world!


This experience in applied engineering gives students a strong competitive advantage after college and prepares them for the best engineering jobs in the world. International competitions also expose the team to different cultures and approaches to engineering.


MRracing is the Formula SAE student team for the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, founded in 1986. With over 25 years of experience, the engineering design team is continually pushing the envelope of vehicle design. In the past 10 years, the MRacing team has consistently finished within the top 10 at a variety of competitions and venues.
This year, MRacing plans to race the MR15 at Michigan International Speedway, Lincoln Airpark, and the Hockenheimring in Germany.


Why Did You Join MRacing?

I joined MRacing because my dad was actually on the first Formula SAE team to ever exist. He went to the University of Texas and often tells me about the useful lessons he learned while being on the team. He also explained that the most useful engineers had hands-on experience. Since the moment I stepped on campus, I couldn't wait to join the team. --Austin Glover, Controls and Composites

What Are The Benefits Of Being on a Design Team?

Being on a design team has been so beneficial to my education because it allows me to apply what I have learned in the classroom to a real world application. It is amazing how much extra you learn when you have to work to build something substantial like a racecar, where the design of every component is crucial to the success of the team as a whole. --Hubbard Velie, Exhaust and Composites

What Was Your Favorite Experience on the Team?

My favorite experience was watching MR14 run for the first time last year. Even after dedicating countless hours towards manufacturing and assembling the car, I wasn't prepared for the exhilarating roar of all our hard work paying off. Watching the car pull around tight turns and maneuvering through slaloms, I knew that we had put together something truly remarkable. --Jason Ye, Suspension

Who Machines the Parts on the Car?

All members of our team go through safety and machine training before being allowed to use the shop. This allows all new members to immediately start machining parts for our car. Once our team members have an understanding of the machines and machining processes, they start to understand designing for manufacturability which is a huge part of our competition. When anyone on our team is designing, the questions always is, "How can I take what I drew on the computer and make it?" --Keenan Temin, Oiling and Fueling

How is MRacing Relationship with WIDIA Beneficial for Your Manufacturing?

Due to the high quality we're looking for in our parts, we really don't settle for anything less than the finishes that WIDIA tools provide. Our partnership with WIDIA is valuable because their tools don't just make our parts... they make them well and ultimately help to alleviate pressure, frustration, time and money. --Peter Karkos, Suspension

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