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"Turning" Over a New Leaf 

If you live in a part of the country where the seasons visibly change, going from the end-of-summer slump into the bright colors and cool breezes of fall seems to stir a need for change within ourselves as much as it changes the landscape.

For many, fall is the time of year to try something new, or do something familiar in a different way. It’s the time of year we consider turning over a new leaf.  


Change It Up

If you’re ready to change it up, take a close look at your shop and the tools in it. Is your turning production in a downturn?

It might be time to switch to new tools to improve productivity … think of it as a new leaf for turning.

Are you using the same carbide insert styles that you’ve used for years, simply because you’ve used them for years?   

Consider this: 

  1. When did you last assess the type of inserts you use, how long you’ve used them, and why you use those styles?    

  2. Is the trend in turning productivity in your shop increasing? decreasing? staying flat?

  3. When was the last time you switched tool styles to improve results?    

Advancements in metalworking technology are moving as fast as your lathe’s spindle. Each of these breakthroughs offers a new opportunity for you to turn faster or bore deeper

Use this time of year to bring a season of change to your shop. Make the commitment to assess your turning operations and take action to turn things around. Be open to trying new tools and machining approaches in the name of improved production.


Need help? Try our new WIDIA Victory carbide inserts for turning. Try the inserts for free, and receive a free hat (for a limited time). See the WIDIA Victory Carbide Insert Offer.  

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